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Lulu Glass Smoking pipe

Lulu Glass Smoking pipe

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  • Glass Bubbler with crystalline perfection
  • White Colored 
  • Enjoy your Smoke with Lulu
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  • Premier Range of Accessories in India

A Majestic Underwater Wonder Aqua White Colossus in Crystal is a wide-ranging and otherworldly Glass marvel that inspires an experience of awe and wonderment. Nestled deep below the ocean floor of our highness to all those Trippy moments, this tremendous crystalline structure is a testomony to the beauty and mysteries of the aquatic world of our Paradise.

Envisioned as a high-quality jewel of the deep, White Colossus stands as a testament to the intricate artistry of nature. Composed absolutely of translucent crystalline formations, this awe-inspiring spectacle is found in the coronary heart of a hidden undersea cavern, in which the gentle play of refracted sunlight bathes the structure in an airy, aquatic glow. 

Embrace the uniqueness what TBBC adding to your Collection of BOOMBOX Kit. 

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