Percolator are Fancy Bongs known for Smoother Hits

"Percolator bongs" or commonly known as "perc bongs" for short, are an upgraded version of regular bongs for regular sesh. It have special filter chambers made with precisions inside that make your smoking sessions much healthier and enjoyable.

How Percolator Bongs Work ?

Sure, these bongs work like a regular ones, but with an extra filtering process. When you inhale, smoke travels through its base (the Liquid in Bong) first, cooling it down and cleaning smoke through it. Then, smoke goes through the percolator, which is like a maze for smoke. This maze breaks the smoke into tiny bubbles multiple times for multiple filtration, making it even clearner and cooler by increasing the surface area of the smoke that touches the liquid in bong. And finally, the filtered cool smoke reaches your mouth for a gentle and pleasant inhale. Here you go, Boom Bruh !

Comes in Different Designs

There are many percolator designs, each with its own way of filtering smoke. Some popular ones includes as below :

Branchy/Tree Percolators : These have lots of arms with holes, like a tree, to break up the smoke well.

Honeycomb Percolators : Filled with tiny holes, these look like honeycombs and create many small bubbles from smoke.

Showerhead Percolators : Shaped like a showerhead, they have a central tube with holes on the bottom that spray the smoke for better filtration.

In-Line Percolators : These are horizontal tubes with slits that filter the smoke smoothly and efficiently.

Why go for a Perc Bong?

Let me explain you the advantages to using a percolator.

Smoother Hits: The extra filtering makes smoke filtrate & smoother with almost no irritation to your throat while taking the rip.

Cleaner Smoke: Percolators remove maximum impurities, making smoke cleaner and potentially healthier to intake.

Tastier Hits: By cooling down smoke more, these bongs can bring out the flavor of your real herbs.

Cool Designs: Yes, you got it right. Many percolator bongs look really neat, adding a touch of style to your collection.

In a nutshell, percolator bongs are high-tech water pipes that provide a smoother, cooler, tastier & healthier toking experience & all thanks to it's special filtration techniques.

With a variety of designs to choose from, you can find a percolator bong that fits your preferences and enhances your enjoyment.

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