Here are some common myths about stoners iykyk..

Myth #1: Stoners are lazy and under motivated.

Reality: While cannabis can induce relaxation, some research suggests it can also enhance creativity and focus for certain tasks. There's no one-size-fits-all effect, and motivation can be influenced by many factors beyond its use.

Myth #2: Stoners have memory problems.

Reality: Studies show that cannabis may temporarily impair short-term memory, but there's little evidence of long-term memory loss in healthy adults. Which is  again showed in non-stoners too after a certain age due to lifestyle. However, heavy use during adolescence may have different effects on brain development from person to person.

Myth #3: Stoners are all about junk food.

Reality: The stereotype of the "munchies" (increased appetite after cannabis use) is well-known, but it doesn't apply to everyone. Cannabis can also affect taste and smell, making healthy food more appealing to some users. 

Myth #4: Stoners are more likely to become criminals.

Reality: Studies haven't found a clear link between cannabis use and criminal behavior. Other factors likely play a bigger role.

Remember: Cannabis affects people differently, and responsible use is a key. All above details are for informational purpose only. We don't support any illegal substance.

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