Smoking accessories are tools and devices used to aid in the smoking of tobacco. They are available in a Glass, Wooden, Acrylics, Resin and Metallics with variety of styles at reasonable price, and can enhance the smoking experience in a variety of ways. If you love smoking then you are at right place.

Usually, smoking is a fun thing to do and you can enjoy it with your squad & office colleagues. Moreover, using of these products and accessories also provide health benefits. For example, the use of smoking accessories like water pipes or clay pipes can provide many important advantages for one’s health. Dry herb Vaporizers heat the material without causing it to combust or burn, which significantly cuts down on the amount of potentially hazardous toxins that the user used to breathes in. These tools remove the harmful toxins, using water or clay pipes also improve the smoking experience.

Making an initial investment in smoking accessories may prove to be a financially prudent choice. For instance, compared to more standard methods of smoking, using bongs and hand pipes, which are more efficient, may help you save money on the cost of the materials you need to smoke. Smoking pipes also require less material overall, which results in cost savings throughout their lifetime. Moreover it’s a healthy choice of intake the smoke.

Accessories for smoking can often provide a higher level of satisfaction compared to conventional methods of smoking. People who are tired of direct tokes from a Joint, are the candidates for accessories like smoking hand pipes because of their portability, healthy smoke and user friendliness.

It’s possible to smoke in private by just packing your bowl making it easy to toke one hitter or a hand pipe. People who want to toke but don’t want to draw unwanted attention to themselves should consider using these essentials because they produce very little tar smoke compared to traditional cigarettes/joints. Because it generates significantly less smoke than conventional smoking methods, smoking pipes & Bongs are a more covert alternative to consider.

Rather than smoking traditionally, one may be more environmentally responsible if they use smoking accessories. Rollin and pipes, for instance, generate significantly less waste than conventional methods of smoking. Wooden or marble pipes and ceramic bongs use also require less material overall, which helps to reduce the amount of waste produced.

In present time, using bongs is great for smoking experience is little fancy and unique. A bong cools and filters smoke through the water chamber and percolator. Smoke passes from the shooter/bowl to the water, creating crazy smoky bubbles that increase cooling when burst and filtrate, then ascends towards the neck for a smoother hit. This process avoid combustion issue, diffusion making it healthier as any harmful checmical will remain in water when process completes.

If you want to enhance your smoking experience in Delhi NCR then you must visit THEBOOMBOXCLUB for best smoking products online in India. We have a varieties of bongs, hand pipes, herb grinders and many more essentials for your daily sesh. On TBBC, you can get artistic bongs including acrylic bong, ceramic bong, glass bong, recyclers, percolators, ice bongs with many more. Similarly, we have varieties in hand pipes, in which Dokha Pipe, Metallic Pipes, Crystal Pipes, Wooden or Marble Pipes are included.

Smoking with bongs is a unique experience to enjoy. Its not for everybody but its for some special 420 Squad. You can try Acrylic bongs which are more lightweight and portable, no fear of breakage, making them easier to carry around and travel with. Aside from functionality, acrylic bongs are available in many cool shapes and sizes.

On TBBC, you can find all options for smoking essentials such as Rollin, Dank toys, Essentials, Enlightened, BoomBox Kit and also in wholesale.


In Rollin, you can get rolling papers/skins in different sizes and flavors, various flavors of herbal blunts, varieties of pre-rolled, different sizes and qualities of roach tips.

Dank Toys

In this option, you can get different sizes of bongs, various types of hand pipes, herb grinders and all patterns of chillums. All of these are great for having a unique toking experience. Enjoy an extraordinary experience with our accessories which TBBC is providing specially for you all.


As the name says, you can get Wooden joint holders, Best of stash Keepers, Unique home décor ashtrays, Cool Ass Rolling bases, hookah flavors, Hand hemp Rollers, Squish flavoured Balls, exclusive lighters, bong cleaner and bowls/shooters.


Get enlightened, you can buy beautiful Dream catchers, Tapestries, Classic cigars, TBBC limited edition products, Best Tobacco substitutes, Danky Stoners Stickers. You can buy all of these and feel uniqueness of these products, making you stand out of your squad.


A special Kit which we specially made for our Fam. This kit contains an exclusive range of products you should have Trippy Herb Grinders, Versatile Hand-Blown Glass Bongs, Handcrafted Crystal smoking pipes, Bong Cleaner, Rolling Base, rolling papers, Lighters, Cleansing Sticks and many more. For this BoomBox Kit they provide basic plans, advance plans and premium plans.


In wholesale, THEBOOMBOXCLUB have a great collections which you can buy for your Retail/Wholesale Smokeshop or Distro. For Order, You can write us at , or whatsapp : +91-9582069382. Get Glass, Wooden, Acrylics, Resin and Metallics All at Factory prices.

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