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Grab the Best Smoking Essentials in India & discover the pinnacle of bliss here, we’re not just saying it, we’re proving it with variety of product we serving to our community.

Making this webite a truly paradise, the ultimate hub exclusively for BOOM Lovers. Yes, you heard that right. Our dedication to our crew knows no bounds. If there’s something you seek but can’t seem to find, odds are it’s nestled within our realm. And if it’s not, consider it already on its way to you.

We've all our ears to you all Homies, your recommendations, suggestions, and ingenious ideas. We working on making it a global community endeavor, weaving threads from every corner of the world, striving to make the world a better place, one puff at a time. Providing D2C and B2B.

Ready to dive into our trove of experiences with the crucial smoking accessories and essentials? Here we go…

Smoking Pipes

The art of pipe smoking is one of the oldest forms of tobacco use. The pipe remains a comforting approach often overlooked by the modern smoker.

That said, take up pipe smoking because you’re interested in this rich experience, not because you think it’s a safe alternative to cigarettes Best Smoking Essentials in India.

TBBC put all efforts to get the Cloud 9 Rich Smoking Experience moreover the Scientific Facts says that health risks are comparably reduced if you use accessories for smoking purposes. Part of the pleasure of smoking pipes is the ability to create your own perfect experience.

Take your time browsing a tobacconist’s shop for aesthetically pleasing options in smoking pipes. Heft each pipe in your hand from any online shop you ordered and from TBBC — a lightweight Shiny TBBC pipe will always more comfortable and appealing.

Pipe smoking is a leisurely activity. Give some time to you'self in a peaceful comfortable spot where nobody can disturbed you, and where your smoke won’t disturb anyone else. 

Bongs/Smoking Water Pipes

Its like a Blessing when your smoke goes in water before you. Someday somebody around 420 BC discovered a Smoking Hookah Device using a water and pipe, known as a Smoking water pipe. It may sounds funny, but it is what it is. Bongs are cool and fun when bowl filled, you just need to lightly pull through its mouthpiece to let the smoke filter through water in mesmerising bubbles and getting it bursted spreading into bong walls, making it so soothing for a perfect hit and pleasant Rip.

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#Scientific Studies finds that the idea of bongs in used cases can filter all chemical toxins out of smoke into water, that means using a bong is likely a healthier choice than toking joints directly.

Instructions by TBBC SQUAD

How to use a Bong ?

TBBC explains to you what an exact Bong is: A bong consists of a base, a tube, a bowl, and a downstream that leads into the water.

The bowl/shooter is where the tobacco is placed. The downstream is a narrow tube that connects the bowl to the base where the water is held.

The base of the bong can be any shape but is usually flared out to help the device balance on a surface. The tube is the final part of the equation and acts like a chimney.

Pull it like you Own it !!

Fullpower 24 Hour


To use a bong, you can place your mouth on the top of the tube and light the stuff in the bowl. When you inhale the smoke travels down the stem, into the water, and up through the tube into your airways.

Boom Bruh !

Stay Blazed & Blessed !

Some Types of Bongs as Straight Tube Bong, Beaker bongs, Gravity bongs, Silicon Bongs, Mini Pocket Bong, Ice Bongs, Plastic/Acrylic Bongs, Ceramic bongs, with many other designs including multi-chamber bongs, Recyclers Bongs, Percolator bongs and Honey Comb Mesh bong.

After Going through an Online survey in Indian Stoners, we found that people love to prefer bong than joints, as bongs appear to be a healthier choice.


At THEBOOMBOXCLUB – Your Ultimate Stoners Paradise – we delve deep into the rich heritage of classic luxurious Ashtrays

These have long symbolized sophistication and elegance in our history and today, contemporary artists continue to craft innovation with sleek ashtray designs, while vintage ashtrays hold a special allure for collectors, particularly those from the '50s, '60s, and '70s, an era synonymous with heyday of cigarette tobacco culture. Here at TBBC, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience, ensuring your journey with each product is comfortable and seamless. Join for the joyful trips.

Herb Grinders

Thankfully, this Global practice of sticking the entire bud into the bowl & hitting that away is finally dying. Using fingers for twitching is cool but for Buds, Big No, however a right tool makes everything easier & keeps things clean and hygienic for Smoking.

Herb grinders make crushing better – the fine crushed ready stash for smoke is much smoother and it does not hit on your throat, the best part is it’s too economical while making rolling a breezy way.

TBBC metal grinders tend to offers the most refined crushed stash and sure to last long, while acrylic grinders are lightweight also comes in 2 part, 4 part herb grinders. Grinders are great for anyone who wants to get the most out of their bud while leaving the seeds & sticks behind for excellent smokes on every toke.

The bottom layer of a 4 part Grinder is set up beneath a fine mesh screen. The screen sifts the bud & allows only the finest crystals to drop through, leaving you with a high-potency Kief, that would been lost otherwise.

Its a great value add in your BOOMBOX Kit.

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