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Best 5 Smoking Hand Pipes To Buy in India

Smoking pipes are timeless accessories that provides a Rich, smooth & refined experience for tobacco and herbs enthusiasts in India and Globally.

1. TBBC Marble hand pipe in Red Spotted Pattern

Marble Red Spots smoking pipe Pattern is the coolest Smoking accessory that combines functionality and style. Made of high-quality, durable borosilicate glass, this pipe / chillum boasts a beautiful natural red color and intricate patterns that give it a unique and visually appealing appearance. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions, while the deep bowl provides ample space for your favorite herb. You can name it the best Handy Smoke toy.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting out, this TBBC handcrafted Marble Red Spots Pattern is sure to impress you all time with its beautiful design and exceptional functionality. Upgrade your smoking experience today with this highly stunning hand pipe.

2. Red with Black Dots Glass 5 inch Hand pipe

Experience a smoking sesh like never before with this Glossy Red with Black Dots, Glass Smoking Hand Pipe. Measuring 5 inches in length. This glass pipe is very compact as you can see and very easy to carry Hand Pipes, making it the perfect Smoke Toy for on-the-go. The glittery red color of the handcrafted glass is accented by black dots that give it a exquisite and appealing appearance. Its Made from high-quality borosilicate at high temperature as this hand pipe is curated to last and withstand the rigors of regular usage. 

It has deep bowl providing ample space for putting your favorite herbs, ensuring a satisfying smoking experience every time you toke. Upgrade your smoking game with this Glass hand pipe for a Classy and functional session by standing out in your Squad Hand Pipes.

3. Marble 3 inch Hand pipe

Experience the elegance of marble with Marble 3 inch Pipe, a stylish smoking essential that combines Nature and performs best. Its Handcrafted in house from high-quality marble to provide the exclusive natural design in shades of white, gray & black, making it a striking addition to any Stoner’s Smoke collection. 

Its 3 inches in length hence making it a compact hand pipe with so perfection for your daily sesh. Its durability ensures that it can withstand for regular use and last for years, you just have to clean it properly on regular basis with TBBC Bong Cleaner. Elevate your smoking experience with this newly hand pipe, an elegant and Pro – functional smoke toy which is made to impress our Stoner Community.

4. Golden Lion Glass hand pipe

Last but not least, This Golden Glass hand pipe is a Premium smoking accessory that is handcrafted from high-end glass. It is a portable and very convenient smoking hand pipe that is designed especially for those who always look for something new in Smoking Accessories. One who always want to try new smoking accessories to elevate their smoking experiences. This Glass hand pipe features an exclusive Shiny Golden Lion, designed by Indian artisans in THEBOOMBOXCLUB i.e one-of-a-kind Indian Most Trending Smoke shop, making it a great addition to your Smoking collection. 

The Glass hand pipe is small about 5 Hand Pipes inches and very compact, making it easy to carry in your sling bag. To use this Golden Lion Glass hand pipe, simply load your dry herbs or tobacco into the bowl & hit it up from Lions tail i.e end of the pipe while lit’ing it up with your Lighters. Here we go BOOM, you are about to make your sesh room like a BOOMBOX. 

5. Metallic Touch 3″ Wooden Pipe

Introducing new TBBC Metallic Touch 3″ Wooden Hand Pipe – a stunning smoking accessory that seamlessly blends style and functionality with natural wood essence. This compact wooden glass pipe is beautifully handcrafted in a trapezium shape by our artisians, making it a unique eye-catching for your smoking collection. It's metallic finish adds a touch look with elegance to the warm natural brown color of wood, elevating your game with low tar smoke. 

Hand Pipes

Measuring 3 inches in length, this pipe is perfect for your daily quick smoke sessions, as its durability ensures that it will last for years to come, if not lost or kept by your homie. Treat yourself with a Luxury of Smoking experiences with Low / No Tar smoking accessories. You surely deserve a good toke at the day end with our collection of smoking hand pipes, Danky yet functional hand pipe.


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