• With 420 tips + 60 bonus tips to share with moochers – this book is truly only for extreme smokers (and our friends) 🙂
  • Book size: 7.25” x 10.75”
  • Tip size: 0.75” x 2.5”
  • 480 Tips per RAWlbook

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Introducing the RAWlbook

RAWlbook: The Ultimate Guide for Extreme Smokers and Their Buddies”

Book Description:

Do you consider yourself an aficionado of the first-class art of smoking?

Are you constantly on the lookout for the ultimate smoke experience?

If so, “RAWlbook: The Ultimate Guide for Extreme Smokers and Their Buddies” is a treasure trove of understanding and expertise tailor-made for you. With 420 expertly curated pointers and a further 60 bonus pointers to share along with your smoking comrades, this book is the definitive guide for folks who are definitely obsessed with their smoky indulgences.

Key Features:

Size: Measuring a great 7.25″ x 10. Seventy-five”, “RAWlbook” is an impressively sized volume that offers a generous canvas for exploring the nuances of smoking.

Tips: The heart of “RAWlbook” lies in its tips – 480 of them to be particular, with every tip designed to decorate your smoking revel. These suggestions are flawlessly sized at 0.75″ x 2.5″ for your comfort, making it easy to roll the precise smoke whenever.

Exclusive Tips: The ebook’s essential content consists of 420 expertly crafted smoking suggestions, covering a substantial array of techniques, gear, and techniques for people who smoke of all tiers of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned gourmet or simply beginning your smoking adventure, those hints will raise your smoking recreation.

Bonus Tips: As if 420 hints were not sufficient, “RAWlbook” goes above and beyond by presenting a further 60 bonus recommendations, which you may generously proportion along with your fellow smoking enthusiasts. These bonus guidelines are like a mystery stash of know-how, reserved for the ones inside the recognized.

Quality Materials: “RAWlbook” is fabricated from quality, just like the products it endorses. The ebook’s layout, layout, and materials are cautiously chosen to provide a premium reveal in.

For Extreme Smokers: This e-book is not for the faint of heart. It’s created solely for individuals who don’t forget themselves as intense smokers – the kind of individuals who recognize the finer factors in their selected craft. If you have an unquenchable thirst for understanding in relation to smoking, “RAWlbook” is your closing useful resource.

For Friends: While “RAWlbook” is often meant for the maximum committed people who smoke, it’s also a notable aid to share together with your smoking buddies. Imagine the pleasure of passing on the know-how contained inside those pages to your pals, strengthening your smoking network.

Explore the Rich History: “RAWlbook” delves into the wealthy history and cultural significance of smoking, presenting a deep expertise of the way this age-vintage tradition has developed over the years. From historical rituals to trendy practices, this e-book is a journey via the while of smoking.

Unveil Hidden Techniques: Unearth the secrets of pro-people who smoke as they proportion their most-guarded strategies and hints, which could transform your smoking classes into unforgettable experiences. “RAWlbook” is you’re behind the curtain skip to the sector of professional people who smoke.

In “RAWlbook: The Ultimate Guide for Extreme Smokers and Their Buddies,” you’ll find a wealth of statistics, techniques, and insights with the intention to take your smoking stories to new heights. From rolling the precise joint to exploring precise smoking accessories and everything in between, this e-book is a party to the smoking way of life. Whether you are a pro or simply beginning your adventure, “RAWlbook” turns into your relied-on partner for your smoking adventures. Indulge in the world of smoking like never earlier than with this comprehensive manual.

Made for only a few insanely true smokers!  The RAWlbook was created for a small group of very like-minded smokers who use a lot of tips AND enjoy every smoke.  The RAWlbook is filled with our classic original RAW tip paper laid out in tearable sheets precision made from naturally unrefined, chlorine-free paper and carefully cut with the grain to ensure that each tip rolls smoothly without “squaring”.