RAW Hemp – Plastic Roller

RAW Hemp – Plastic Roller

  • RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers are available in 3 sizes: 70mm, 79mm & 110mm.
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Introducing the RAW Hemp – Plastic Roller

Introducing the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller: Your Eco-Friendly, Precision Crafting Companion

In an international in which convenience frequently comes at the fee of sustainability, the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller stands as a beacon of eco-conscious ingenuity.

Crafted with care and precision, this roller is a testament to RAW’s dedication to presenting smokers with a planet-pleasant opportunity to conventional plastic rolling gadgets.

Designed for the discerning gourmand who values excellent and environmental responsibility, the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller grants a seamless rolling revel in even as significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Hemp Plastic Construction:
At the heart of this exceptional rolling tool lies its center innovation – the utilization of sustainable hemp plastic.

Unlike traditional plastic, which is derived from petroleum, this curler’s creation is predicated on hemp and other herbal substances.

Hemp, a fast-growing and environmentally pleasant plant, provides the primary aspect of the roller’s structure, making sure that the manufacturing method remains sustainable and resource-efficient.

Precision Engineering for Perfect Rolls:
The RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is expertly engineered to help you reap perfect, calmly rolled cigarettes or joints easily.

Crafted with meticulous attention to the element, this roller’s ergonomic design allows for easy and steady rolling, providing you with full manipulation of the density and shape of your smoke.

It’s best for both beginners and experienced rollers, making sure that every smoke session is an exciting and stress-unfastened revel-in.

Durability and Longevity:
Built to the ultimate, the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller can be a lifelong accomplice in your smoking journey.

The hemp plastic material is powerful and resilient, ensuring that this curler can resist the take a look at time. Say goodbye to flimsy, disposable rollers, and hello to an accessory that now not most effective helps you roll the ideal smoke but also reduces the waste generated via single-use options.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:
RAW’s dedication to environmental obligation extends past the roller itself.

The packaging for the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is designed to limit waste, presenting recycled materials and a minimalistic layout that prioritizes sustainability.

Join the RAW Revolution:
By deciding on the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller, you’re not simply deciding on a device for your smoking delight – you are embracing a sustainable lifestyle choice. RAW is devoted to supplying modern, planet-pleasant options to conventional smoking add-ons, and this curler is a shining instance of its dedication to the surroundings.

As part of our commitment to the roll-your-own market, and the environment, we are proud to introduce the first cigarette roller ever to be made from natural hemp composite plastic.

Made in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth in Kudus, on Java Island, Indonesia.

This factory was established almost 100 years ago to make hand-rolling machines for the local clove cigarette factories, and they still produce hand-rolling machines for these same factories to this day.

A Perfect Companion for On-the-Go:
The compact and lightweight layout of the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller makes it an excellent journey partner.

Whether you’re embarking on an outdoor adventure, going to a party, or virtually want a smoke while at the move, this roller is your dependable accomplice.

Slip it into your pocket or bag, and you are prepared to roll up your favorite smokes anyplace you are.

A Sustainable Choice with Every Roll:
Every time you use the RAW Hemp Plastic Roller, you’re making an aware desire to reduce your environmental effect.

Unlike traditional plastic rollers, this device would not contribute to the continued plastic pollution hassle.

By choosing a sustainable alternative, you’re contributing to a cleaner and greener planet, one roll at a time.

The RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is more than only a smoking accent; it is a testament to a sustainable, innovative, and convenient lifestyle. It gives a high-quality rolling experience while assisting your commitment to a greener world.

With this roller in hand, you can roll up your smokes with pleasure, knowing that you’re creating a fine effect on the environment even as you indulge in your smoking ardor. So, be part of the RAW revolution and embark on an adventure of eco-conscious smoking and artistic self-expression these days.


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