Purple Wheel 12 inch Heavy Ice Bong


  • Handicrafted 12” Milky pink Bong
  • Unique pattern with High end Finish, your perfect kinda piece.
  • Always go for cleaner Hits, with TBBC Bong cleaner.
  • Use carefully on Plane surfaces, away from heights.
  • Grab your daily essentials @theboombox_club , your onestop smokeshop.

THEBOOMBOXCLUB Bought you the Best Purple Wheel 12 inch Heavy Ice Bong collection in India, at reasonable price and top notch quality. We also made the best Bong cleaner for you all so that you can get cleaner smoke on every session.
Get your Smoke Filtrate through water or any your favorite base before going into your Lungs and enjoy the trip with TBBC.

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Purple Wheel 12 inch Heavy Ice Bong

Introducing the Purple Wheel 12 Inch Heavy Ice Bong, a real masterpiece of glass craftsmanship, to be had completely at TBBC – The Boombox Club. This meticulously designed and expertly crafted glass bong is a testament to both form and feature, presenting a smoking enjoy like no different.

At first glance, the Purple Wheel Heavy Ice Bong captures your interest with its charming and regal shade palette. The rich and deep colour of red blends seamlessly with swirling accents, harking back to an artist’s brushstroke on a canvas. This bong exudes an air of class and refinement that elevates any smoking consultation.

Standing at an impressive 12 inches, this bong gives the perfect stability among compactness and stature. Its tall and slender profile guarantees that it is clean to deal with and keep, making it a excellent addition to any collection, whether or not you’re an skilled gourmet or just starting your journey into the world of water pipes.

The maximum striking characteristic of the Purple Wheel Heavy Ice Bong is its modern cooling device. Equipped with a couple of ice notches, it allows you to load the chamber with ice cubes, ensuing in an exceptionally smooth and cool smoking experience. These notches give you the capacity to customize the level of cooling, making sure your hits are just the manner you like them. The sensation of inhaling cool, filtered smoke because it travels thru the bong is definitely a game-changer.

The bong additionally features a extensive, strong base that minimizes the threat of accidental tipping, guaranteeing safety during use. Its downstem is designed for green filtration, ensuring that your smoke is thoroughly cleansed and purified for a natural and flavorful hit. The Purple Wheel Heavy Ice Bong is well suited with numerous smoking add-ons, making an allowance for personalization and enhancing the overall experience.

Crafted from brilliant, warmth-resistant borosilicate glass, this bong not most effective seems extraordinary but is likewise exceedingly long lasting. Its sturdy construction ensures it’s going to withstand the test of time, supplying countless hours of entertainment.

The Purple Wheel Heavy Ice Bong is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality, making it a need to-have for individuals who admire the finer matters in life. Whether you are searching for a complicated addition in your collection or a unique present for a fellow fanatic, this glass bong from TBBC – The Boombox Club will no longer disappoint. Elevate your smoking revel in with this extraordinary piece of artistry and craftsmanship. Purchase yours these days and permit the Purple Wheel 12 Inch Heavy Ice Bong redefine your smoking classes.


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