Blue n Gold Aladin 12 inch Heavy Ice Glass Bong


  • Handicrafted 12” Heavy Ice Bong, Unique of all. One of its own Seven Wonder of Bongs
  • Unique pattern with High end Finish, your perfect kinda piece.
  • Always go for cleaner Hits, with TBBC Bong cleaner.
  • Use carefully on Plane surfaces, away from heights.
  • Grab your daily essentials @theboombox_club , your onestop smokeshop.

THEBOOMBOXCLUB Bought you the Best Heavy Ice Bong collection in India, at a reasonable price and top-notch quality. We also made the best Bong cleaner for you all so that you can get cleaner smoke in every session.
Get your Smoke Filtrate through water or any of your favorite bases before going into your Lungs and enjoy the trip with TBBC.

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Blue n Gold Aladin 12 inch Heavy Ice Bong

Introducing the inventive craftsmanship and smoking sophistication: the “Blue n Gold Aladin 12-inch Heavy Ice Bong” from TBBC – THEBOOMBOXCLUB. This great piece is not just a smoking accent; it’s a piece of art that elevates your smoking revel into a wholly new degree.

Crafted with precision and attention to element, the Blue n Gold Aladin Heavy Ice Bong is a testomony to the fusion of form and feature. Standing at an impressive 12 inches tall, this bong is a masterpiece of layout, engineering, and aesthetics.

The first aspect that catches your eye is the spell-binding mixture of blue and gold accents, meticulously hand-painted on the thick, splendid glass. The shade scheme invokes an air of mystery of mystique, reminiscent of Aladdin’s magical world, in which each puff is an adventure through a realm of flavor and rest.

What simply sets this Heavy Ice Bong aside is its heavy, strong build. Made from long-lasting, excessive borosilicate glass, the Aladin Heavy Ice Bong boasts a stable, weighty experience that speaks to its unwavering durability and sturdiness.

This heavy-duty layout ensures stability and sturdiness so that you can take pleasure in your preferred herbs with self-belief.

But the magic doesn’t forestall there. The Aladin Bong features an integrated ice catcher, presenting the option to cool down your smoke for an extremely clean and refreshing hit. The ice catcher is a game-changer for individuals who value the natural, untainted flavors in their herbs.

The Blue n Gold Aladin Bong additionally comes with a downstem and a cushty-fitting bowl, both crafted with precision to enhance your smoking enjoyment. The percolation and filtration are top-notch, resulting in a smooth, clean draw it’s a joy to have fun with.

At TBBC – THEBOOMBOXCLUB, we trust that your smoking revel-in should be a piece of artwork, an expression of individuality, and a celebration of aesthetics. The Blue n Gold Aladin 12-inch Heavy Ice Bong is not just a smoking accessory; it’s a statement piece that reflects your style and taste.

In summary, the Blue n Gold Aladin 12-inch Heavy Ice Bong is the embodiment of opulence, sturdiness, and class. Elevate your smoking ritual to a whole new degree with this lovely masterpiece, available completely at TBBC – THEBOOMBOXCLUB. Experience the magic of Aladin, in which each puff is an adventure into the top-notch.


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