Legalize Marijuana

Brief Story of Legalization of our favorite Marijane.

We all of us think what if we can smoke weed freely or without any problems and i bet you have already discussed this topic already with your buddies and hope you got conclusions but let me correct you by telling the perfect information about the legalized countries .

List of countries that have legalized weed .

1. Chile
Only for cultivation .

Legal for up to 22 grams for personal use. No limit for medical or scientific purpose, and if licensed by the “National Anti-narcotics Council” .
Legal up to 20 plants for personal consumption. No limit for medical or scientific use, and if licensed by the “National Anti-narcotics Council” .

3. Jamaica 
Only for cultivation .

4. Netherlands
 (possession is decriminalized for up to 5 grams (in case of a police control it is still confiscated), decriminalized on public use, decriminalized for use in ‘coffee shop’) cultivation is illegal up to 5 plants .

5. Spain
 Legal (Private areas only, illegal in public areas (decriminalized), offenders receive an administrative fine.) Possession of more than 70/100gr. Legal (Only for own consumption. If the plants are located somewhere visible from the street/public place, it’s an administrative offense .

6. Uruguay
 100 % legal. do the shit what you want to do .

if you got any concern you can comment in the comments tab .

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